Is Astral Projection real of fake?

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and i can use sleep paralysis to astral?
why do think it’s fake?

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crystallinectar, atheist hippie

i believe it’s real if you view the astral “plane” as merely another part of your subconscious and astral projection as deep meditation rather than as a true out-of-body experience.
it’s not possibly to actually physically leave your body.


its fake


its very real, and entirely possible to leave your body. I have done it.
My family told me when I “woke” that I was ice cold until I re entered my body

terry o

i believe it to be. and i believe that when you wake while doing and involuntary OBE then it causes sleep paralysis .


Real. And what’s with using sleep paralysis to astral? That confuses me; quite often people have paralysis because they’ve gone astral and try to wake up before they are fully back in their body.


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