Sunday, September 26, 2021

Is astral projection real? how do you do it?

Any one have an experience to share? and how do you go about projecting?


  1. Its real and i havnt fully projected but i’ve had a lot of close calls I think or signs when you are about to project but I always get too excited and I wake up with a racing heart beat, wrong thing to do by the way lol. I’ve read a couple books about it as well and I recommend you maybe try reading one because its definitely interesting to learn about but it no way takes place of religion or belief in God which sometimes I see people doing so I think it can be distracting from normal life. Theres people who are masters at projecting, maybe not even trying to, and they say its hard for them to live life normally and its difficult to adjust back and forth from astral to physical if that makes sense so just be careful. Sleep paralysis, lucid dreams, meditation, relaxation techniques, sleep cycles, are some things that are related to astral projecting but its kinda complex if you havnt read a book. Most people have had signs of projecting but just come off confused or think its just a dream


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