Home Discussion Forum Is astral projection possible?

Is astral projection possible?

Or is it all just in your mind?


  1. If I could see any logic in how astral projection might work, I might say it’s possible. But I can’t. Mostly Christians and atheists posting here; you might want to look in the Alternative science section of Science & Mathematics category.

  2. The same effect that we all can do when we have a
    Just think about it in a dream we create a whole world of people things desires fears objects that we can pick up and use
    So Astral Projection is a primitive form of dream we can have
    Some of us to call it Day Dreaming

  3. Yes it is very possible. I say this from experience. Still you have a choice. To believe me or to not believe me. Either choice is still a belief, right? Just because it sounds good or true doesn’t make it so. That goes for the other replies you have gotten too.
    If you are really interested in whether or not it is possible then you have to try, you have to experiment for yourself. Only then will you know for sure. That is where I started from. I had an open mind but I was skeptical.
    I learned some projection techniques from a solid and reliable source and after a few months of practicing I had my first conscious astral experience. Most people can learn faster than I did but since I didn’t really apply myself that much in the beginning it took longer.
    It isn’t in your mind at all. Imagine being as lucid and aware as you are right now, even more so, but being in another dimension where you can fly, walk through walls, meet with and speak with founders of the world’s great religions, get information about the past and insight into the future, get answers to the big questions and now what happens after death etc. It is all there for those that are willing to put in the effort. Just like learning any new skill, it takes practice. Same goes for astral projection.
    So the best way to know for sure is to do some research on the techniques and practices and put in some solid effort for a little while. I guarantee if you do you will have your answer.
    The best place I have found to get astral info is here: http://www.astralweb.org and its sister sites. This is where I first learned about AP a number of years ago. The site has only gotten better, is 100% free and run by volunteers that are also very experienced in astral projection.
    Best of luck,


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