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Is Astral Projection possible to achieve?What is the best way to have an OBE if so?

Tell me personal experiences, preferably detailed.


  1. dude just google it. It is possible, but alot of people wont have the ability, to many distractions in the world today.

  2. It’s possible in the game of dungeons and dragons. :o)
    In real life? Well if you believe that, I’ve got some water front property in Iowa to sell you.

  3. Yes, of course it is. I have been able to open up my third-eye with the Violet Flame, a living inter-dimensional magnetic Fire brought to us by the angels
    What I do in deep meditation is: picture myself inside a purple egg set on Fire or purple Fire right above the nose in between each eye. But it is complete EMPTY-ness and SILENCE within that will channel this energy to you, to activate the higher chakras.
    I remember back in Nov, I woke up after meditating and saw sparks of Fire burst out in mid-air which zapped me. Right away, I began to see auras. At one point, I saw a rose gem-like Fire burst out of my hand. True Story

  4. There are (and have been) many cultures who understand the astral plain. My advice is to pick up a few books and do the exercises. It will take time without a mentor but it can be accomplished alone.


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