Home Discussion Forum Is Astral Projection (Out of body experiences) against the chistian faith?

Is Astral Projection (Out of body experiences) against the chistian faith?

The question in the title, is OBE’s against the christian religion?
I do get that i have my own free will and stuff, im just wandering if me doing this can result of me going to hell.
Please dont question my religion…. and yeh i do believe in heaven and hell…


  1. No, many christian use astral projection to get closer to Jesus and God.
    Astral projection isn’t really projecting anything. It’s more visualization to the point where you feel like you’re out of your body. Is dreaming against christianity? No. Dreaming and astral projection are similar.

  2. Paul, John and others in the Bible had those types of experiences. John was called up to the third heaven and Paul could not even tell if he were in his Body during one of his, but they were all God induced upon followers of His. When we induce it, we are the dominate factor and I am convinced it is of the devil to do that.

  3. Against the Christian Faith?
    Can it be against God?
    If you have to wander? You are on the wrong path.
    God works through his spirit in a Christian to confirm his presence.
    Faith is the word of God. Jesus Christ is the word.

  4. Are you seeking spiritual guides? Messing with the “other side”? God tells us not to do this many times in the Bible.
    If you have had a OBE by chance it is not against the Christian religion. Paul had an OBE in the Bible.

  5. I am a Catholic Christian and I do not believe astral projection is a sin. It is a natural ability that anyone can develop. I believe it is a God-Given gift and there is nothing satanic about it. It is done through meditation and we were all born with the ability to astral project. I also believe your intent depends on making it a sin or not. For example, if you use astral projection to help people and deepen your relationship with God then it would be a good intent. But if you use astral projection to do morally wrong activities like having lust while projecting then it would be a bad intent and therefore a sin. Think of it this way – Going outside your house is not a sin. But when you go outside and you do bad things like smoking or killing then you would be sinning. But if you go outside of your house to go to church or help people then it would be a good thing. I don’t think astral projection is demonic or satanic. Many Christians might say this is demonic because they don’t fully understand this ability and therefore say it’s a sin. Many pagans and Wiccans practice astral projection for the wrong reasons for harming people or practicting their spells. If the only way to induce astral projection was through drugs then this would be unnatural and not God-Given but since you can do this naturally through meditation it’s not wrong. Overall, I believe astral projection is not a sin and it depends on your INTENT. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.
    Good Luck

  6. Experiencing OBEs would just be considered an experience. How you personally interpret such experience is more important.
    Attempting to induce OBEs might be considered a bad thing, but remember some people seem to have them without deliberately inducing them. Would such people be deemed dammed?

  7. I have encountered many stating that being in the spiritual realm leaves you subject to Satan’s deception…and that even experiencing something within this realm that could seem Holy may be Satan’s trickery. Well, let me ask this…why would Satan deceive you in a way that would strengthen your love in God? Wouldn’t loving God more bind us more to what He asks of us? Are we to be become so paranoid of Satan’s deception that we think twice while the gates of Heaven open for our admission thinking “Hmmm, this could be a trick, I’d better just turn around”?

  8. I’ve been wondering the same question i heard the occult is bad but AP s not the occult.like they said it depends on what u want to do when ur projecting 🙂 this really helped me. I hope it does u to and EVERYONE can AP

  9. I am really confused about whether Astral Projection is of good or evil. I did not know or experience it until I repented and believed in my Savoir and Lord Jesus Christ. Besides that, it`s a wonderful kind of experience that I consider it to be a foretaste of the resurrection life.
    Actually the first time I experienced it was when all of a sudden I was caught up in spirit and made to tour an illumined city beyond comparison that I thought I was in the city of God.
    For me it comes automatically, I don`t have to induce it, and actually I would not want to. But if it originates from evil its absurd, because it is rather blissful and rapturous. P`se I need serious feedback. on **@gmail.com


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