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Is astral projection Luciferian?

This is the only question that still bugs me about astral projection. It is the only question that prevents me from astral projection. Please give me the very best answer you can find/ come up with. Thank you.


  1. no… its neither good nor bad… its just something that happens, another possibility to explore. like finding a new island… except, you’re discovering a different plane. i think its interesting.

  2. If you mean to ask “Does astral projection go against the teaching of the Bible?” then probably, yes. Although many people will come away with other interpretations, I believe its pretty clear that deliberately attempting to separate your soul, spirit, and or body is an act against the teachings of the Bible.
    Now you have to ask yourself if that matters to you. How much faith to you have in the teachings of the Bible and the existance of the Christian God?

  3. Since there is no evidence that the soul (if it even exists) actually leaves the body I don’t think you need to worry about the moral implications of what is most likely just having a fairly lucid dream.

  4. How you managed to connect the two concepts in a way that would make astral projection proprietary to Lucifer is the question that bugs me…….
    Astral Projection is a ancient practice, a method of exploring strange aspects of your conscious experience, subconscious, etc….. In and of itself, astral projection is NOT Luciferian.
    However, Luciferians, often practice astral projection because such methods can form a gateway to other bandwidths of “reality”, and we (Luciferians) are very intent on exploring consciousness.

  5. Some people astral project without trying. Personally, I don’t think it has to do with God or the Devil (if a devil even really exists) I think it is about your soul traveling. I don’t think it’s inherently good or evil, it just is.
    It is said that our souls are old and wise and totally connected to the Divine creator. It is our human ego that gets us in trouble, not our souls. Since astral projection is about allowing your soul to travel while your physical self sleeps, if it was a bad or evil thing to do, the soul wouldn’t do it.
    All that being said, if you are a Christian, Wushuboy gave you really good advice.

  6. It is as ‘Luciferian’ or as ‘Yahwehian’ as your dream will allow it to be. You see you say you have only one question that bugs you. So, and once you know you cannot ‘unknow’ this, in answer to your question astral projection is purely a realisation of a vivid dream and as such can be anything that pops into your head at night.

  7. For me and a lot of other people it’s normal, it happens when you sleep and your heart rate slows down and that releases your spirit as it floats up and out ward of the body. It’s not bad or good when it happens unexpectedly.

  8. Possibly your own “higher self” is presenting cautionary advice and feelings to you?
    Your own human consciousness may presently be immature, and would tend toward unethical astral projection.
    In other words, you may be ready for astral projection when you are secure enough to feel you are neither seeking light beyond what God has prepared you for, nor feeling fearful about your spirituality.
    “Right desire” includes siddhi-seeking.
    Would suggest you pray to God on a nightly basis for God to heal, guide, protect, and heal your soul. If you are then astrally projecting, you may either remember it, or find your dreams, which may reflect what you are learning and doing out-of-body. As with many human applications of psi, it may be used for good or energy-veiling, e-veiling, eviling. An impersonal Godly law of sowing and reaping does ensure cosmic Justice for all.
    “Soul Traveler,” Albert Taylor,
    “The Masters and Their Retreats,” Mark Prophet, and
    “Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton, are worthwhile.

  9. No.
    I’ve done it when I was 12 and my friend saw me although i didn’t tell her I planned to visit.
    I’ve seen a full body apparition of someone I knew who was alive and well and thinking very intensly about me at the same time I was of them.


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