Home Discussion Forum Is astral projection like in the movie Insideous realistic?

Is astral projection like in the movie Insideous realistic?

i watched this movie last night where demons were enterting a childs body because of his astral projection ?
and i heard in real life some people practise this ?


  1. Astral projection exists in fact you do it everyday when you sleep with just a slight difference that you’re not in control. Astral projection is thoroughly researched, practiced and taught by the monroe institute.

  2. Of course not.
    Astral projection is just imagination. It does not exist in the real world. Anyone who claims they do, is either lying, or mentally ill. There is no third option.

  3. No.
    Astral projection, like all spiritual experiences, occur as hallucinations, primarily in the amygdala, and temporal lobes of the brain.
    What people practice in real life is hallucinogenic induction, by several different means. They all do pretty much the same thing; poison and/or chemically overload one or more parts of the brain. The temporary “silence” creates the impression of superiority of some ability or sensation.
    This is a cognitive illusion, as the “silence” of the disabled or damaged part of the brain, makes what areas of the brain that are still functional, only seem much “louder”.
    Most types of brain damage from induced cognitive distortion, (getting high) never heal.
    Please work a bit more on learning to discern between fantasy and fact.


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