Is astral projection harmful or dangerous?





Is there any danger of being somewhere frightening or ever getting stuck per say out of your body?
Dr Bob. I get more and more irritated by your text book D.S.M. IV answers straight from the text book of psychiatry. I too work in psychiatry and we are all the biggest nut jobs going so dont try and reason logic constantly about things that are not rooted in science. I therefore get great pleasure in telling you to f off, YOUR BLOCKED!


  1. Yes there are some dangers if you are not carefull.
    Such as if you go to the lower planes of existence some bad spirits/demons can get you (dont go to the lower planes).
    There is also this risk of Sucubus’s. These people will seduce you, have thier way with you and then the will drain all of your energy.
    But if you stay out of the way of bad spirits you should be fine. Usually your astral body will snap back into your pysical body if your in any danger so you should be fine.
    Good luck! 😀

  2. No, it’s just a natural spiritual movement of the soul. The soul knows the right time when to return to the body.

  3. Good Question. Yes, you could go to the lower astral and encounter some nasty beings. However, this is not likely unless you are on drugs when you project. If you do encounter them, stand your ground. They CANNOT hurt you, but they may be able to frighten you. When I project, I always go UP in the sky. This translates into going into the upper astral realms where the pleasant places and things are. Just remember, nothing there can hurt you.
    You CANNOT get stuck outside of your body. Usually it is a problem trying to stay out long enough rather than having a hard time getting back. Your body will pull you back in eventually. If you want to get back to your body, just concentrate on thinking about your physical body lying in bed. You need to have a pre-programmed word or number, such as the number “one” to return yourself to your body if you wish to do so. Say this word or number over and over and you will return to your body. Also, any physical body movement will instantly return you to your body. It will be easiest to move your index finger first, then your arm, this will pull you back in your body.

  4. In this realm are the answers to everyday and universal concerns. To commune with souls both from this eon and before is to tap into universal wisdom. To protect yourself any interference or turbulence, let your guide know you are traveling.

  5. It is neither harmful nor dangerous (which are the same thing) because it does not exist. There is no such thing as astral projection. Sorry if you think there is. Such ideas and beliefs are usually from the years of early puberty when magic-thinking prevails. They usually pass once one gets to about 9th grade.

  6. Not at all- just be careful that you don’t get caught up in competitive scenes where you might encounter unsavory power-seekers…
    Advisable to look up and practice “psychic shielding” – seems to work in journeys or in social gatherings. Please be Careful.

  7. Haha I’ve done astral projection before. It’s marvelous, simply absolutely indescribably magnificent… Visit the stars, the cosmos, the galaxies, your neighbor… But as to whether it’s harmful, no. Although it is pretty startling when you first start to project, as you feel you’re falling out of your bed.
    So after some time while astral projecting I just suddenly reverted back to myself and woke up in my bed. Nothing dangerous happened as far as I could see. Also I could see a silver cord connected to my astral body and physical body, so I never got lost during projection.

  8. You can’t get stuck outside of ur body. You can go somewhere frightening, but never dangerous. You can’t get hurt, just really scared.

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