Is astral projection evil? and etheric too?

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Is it?
And is it true you see scary stuff while your projecting too?

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Liberal Asskicker

Neither of them work.

my speEling is purfekt. noobz!

You can be attacked. learn more before trying it


I don’t know if its evil, but maybe you can drag stuff back with you, I hear a lot of people who do this end up with some kind of sleep disorder or something similar.

Tyler Y

Magic isn’t evil because magic isn’t real. God is just your imaginary friend.


Neither are evil! They are just a few of the things that we, as human beings, can strive to accomplish in our efforts to evolve.
I’ve never seen anything scarier than me- unless you count my friend who likes to project herself as Pumpkinhead!

MIB Supervisor

There is only one spirit. Your ego determines which aspect you see. Astral projection is not evil, per se. However, it is very real and you should learn to take certain precautions.
Shamans and others in antiquity, long before any of our current religions were founded, were traveling to spirit world, etc.
No scary stuff. However, some stuff may intimidate you if you are not prepared and at the same time confident in the strength of your spirit.

Eclectic Witch ਹੇਰ੍ਮਨ੍

Astral projection is not evil
Christians think it’s evil…… well they think everything is.
Etheric projection is not evil.
You don’t see scary stuff while projecting… lol


It’s not evil. It’s neutral. Witchcraft on the other hand is evil.


Not something you want to try if your not in the right frame of mind, Your fears can manifest your reality, and that could be rather scary, there are ways to protect yourself, but it’s spiritual protection, not physical.


No it’s not evil. It’s totally natural. My 11 yr old daughter does it a lot in her sleep. As an adult I’ve only felt myself do it twice. My daughter describes it as though you’re in a rollercoaster and you’re about to fall off your bed and you cannot help it, and shes had a lot of spiritual experiences after it’s happened that she’s told me. Mine on the other hand, it feels that way too, but since it doesn’t feel natural I sometimes I freak out which disappoints me because I would like to experience it all the way though.


you just have to believe in good. even if u see bad, believe in good.


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