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Is astral projection against the bible ?

Some christians say that it’s agianst the bible. But there’s one verse that says that a man was caught up in the third heaven.


  1. No, I tried it 3 times and it did not work but it is real. My freinds do that.
    Its all about Mind Manipulation nothing physical

  2. Uh no. Some believe it’s a way to communicate with spirit guides (some might even call those angels) or even god “himself”.
    Some people astral project spontaneously and without intending on doing it. It’s impossible to say something like that is “against the bible”. It’s not illegal to explore heavens you have been granted access to…
    A lot of people come to believe in a god after having astral projected.
    All that aside, No. It’s not against the bible. It’s not ever addressed.
    I suppose it’s then just a moral obligation to do no harm when astral projecting, then you’ll be OK.

  3. for the fagot that had the second answer your a fuckin duoche try astral projection and you will be amazed. NO it isnt infact before someone messed with the bible it was actually a book mainly about advice on how to become one with the source even though jesus or Jemanuel Talmud never wrote it. He simply was teaching them and the friend that betrayed him is the one that changed the bible big time Jesus is name is original name was Jemanuel Talmud said in the dead sea scrolls and many verses from the bible are alternated in to some confusing crap then its the original verse. The 72 versions of the bible you see is the corrupted one this is why people are becoming muslim. My advice is look up the dead sea scrolls on Jemanuel Talmud and itll become clear.

  4. Christians are against astral projection because it involves some mystery.
    Bible isn’t against it and neither was Jesus. There is a verse in the bible about astral projection…….. how do you think they got that verse?

  5. not sure, but consider myself a christian as it did happen to me.i forget the book i was reading but it had evil content.one night my body started to tingle and it felt like my soul/spirit was leaving my body. i traveled to a place that was my perception of hell. i struggled to gain control and move but couldnt. seemed like forever but gained control to flick on the light and all was well. i have since burned the book,did research on what happened to me. the second time it happened i remained in the room and did not travel beyond this space. i believe it is the intent of the projector, good or bad. if u do it for good, good may happen, if u do it for bad, well just use your imagination.

  6. Astral projection is a spiritual gift given by the Holy Spirit. Witchcraft is warned against in the Bible, not spiritual gifts. Witchcraft is attempting to manipulate God or straight consulting demons for spiritual abilities. For instance, casting spells is an attempt to manipulate God into doing a certain thing. Of course, God cannot be manipulated. In other words, go into spirituality with bad intentions and you’ll get what you put into it, negativity. Spiritual gifts, however, come to you when you ask God for them (as long as He wills) and have good intentions such as glorifying God and helping others. Good intentions will produce good results. As far as astral projection, it is a spiritual gift and I truly believe that many prophets and people who have visions experience some form of astral projection. There are Bible verses that refer to out-of-body experiences and astral projection, such as a verse in Ecclesiastes about the silver cord and the verse in 1 Corinthians about Paul’s friend having been taken up to the third heaven. Just read books like Daniel, Ezekiel, or Revelation and decide for yourselves whether astral projection was involved in these. And for those of you who question or deny the reality of astral projection, I challenge you to do some research. I have. It has been scientifically proven. Even people who are clinically dead and brain dead astral project and have near-death experiences. A good resource is the Astral Academy.
    See, I am okay with astral projection, and I love Jesus 🙂


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