Sunday, September 26, 2021

Is astral projection against christianity?

i have been wanting to do astral projection for a while and have read that the apostle Paul had a out of body experience and said he went to the third heaven. But i was wondering if christians think it is demonic or a sin if you tried to do it while meditating?


  1. Yes, it’s opposed to Christianity.
    No astral projection, and Paul wrote nothing like that at all… that’s fabricated.
    Anything that departs from God would be coming from somewhere else , and we need to be clear of that stuff.

  2. Big sin, Christians believe that if you try to obtain any type of power for yourself it’s “sin”. That would be considered a power that only God has, for now. But think about this, 100 years ago they said that going to space was a sin cause only God should know what’s up their.

  3. We are not supposed to have control like that over our spirit bodies. The power to do that comes from none other than Satan himself. And doing that opens the door for Satan to use you in more ways than you could know and you’re giving him the authority to do it.

  4. No, Astral Projection is all about the Mind and you really don’t fly in the air.
    So, no problem with that. Astral Projection sounds fun and good way to relax.

  5. You often go OOB (out of body) when you are sleeping. Trouble is, you don’t remember it. So if Christianity is “against it” – to bad, because it’s a natural thing that everyone does.
    There are some people that never remember their dreams in color, but that doesn’t mean people don’t dream in color. 🙂
    And to those that say it’s of Satan and you don’t or aren’t supposed to have “power”
    Jesus differs with you:
    Matthew 21:21 “And Jesus answered and said to them, “Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ it will happen.”

  6. Sin is defined by law. Law is the knowledge of good and evil. Accepting same is what got Adam and Eve kicked out of Eden. True Christians have got the message and do not accept mans law or the evil it creates by defining sin, sinners, crime, or criminals, all of which are man made.

  7. Only if you have impure thoughts and impure imaginations while busy with your body. Stop it right now and wash thoroughly! Nasty!

  8. astral projection is associated more with religions that the catholic church disapproves of. so i assume they are against it, although i don’t think they have ever said anything solid against it. i could be wrong.
    good luck anyways 😀

  9. OBE “Astral Projection” is linked to lucid dreaming. Scientist had discoverd that you dont really leave your body but enter your dream world which is your imagination. People are born with the ability to do this without trying. i dont think this is a sin. whats so bad on reconizine that your dreaming . I think this a blessing from God. it helps us expand our imagination

  10. I am a Christian. Love Jesus to bits & believe in the Holy Spirit’s power. But i must say that i have experienced this so-called ‘astral projections’ before, though unintentionally. I actually just had one 2 days ago. I didnt mean to. Was just sooooo tired and i was trying to relax by concentrating on my breathing. I think my body must have fallen asleep before my mind. Seems impossible but it has occurred to me before when i’m physically worn out. Anyway, the last experience was a really scary one. i felt myself starting to leave my body and float. My eyes were closed but i could see everything around me. Just before complete projection, i could feel ‘beings’ surrounding me…at least 2. One on the left and one on the right. The one on the right whispered in my ears incessantly. i was scared. My heart beat really fast & loud. I didnt want to leave my body. I used Jesus’s name to chase the spirits away. It took awhile. And then i fell asleep .


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