Home Discussion Forum Is astral projection actually possible?

Is astral projection actually possible?

I’d like to know how, if its possible.


  1. It is like a deeper form of meditation. Anything is possible within your own mind. As far as if it is really real? I am not sure on that one.

  2. Yes. Your consciousness can leave your body. For an explanation of how it works, you’d need to ask someone more well researced on the subject than I am.

  3. Yes. The OBE reflex. Also, deep meditation. Also, focus upon the chakras. Use of deep visualization, shamanic journeys through 180 beats per minute, etc. etc. I am a sceptic by nature. It is my belief, that, if there really is an after-life, etc.. it can be proven by experimentation. If one can try astral projection with an open mind… either it will work eventually, or it will never work. This way you can get an answer for yourself. if there is a God, etc. surely there is a way to prove it. If you try such techniques with an open mind and nothing happense, then u know its bullshit. but we dont know much about the world to judge with out experience. so, my best bet is to not just believe in bullshit, and dont just dismiss it either, just try and the answer will come to you.

  4. This is extremely dangerous because if you force your soul out of its body and you do not return back in time before you are too week to return you will die because the energy of a soul needs to be replenished, this is why people are tired after encountering paranormal activity. Also while you are out of your body other spirits can use your body making you susceptible to being used by evil spirits. Very very very dangerous.

  5. I don’t agree with either of those first two answers.
    I do know that, in the Bible, there have been many people who were given VISIONS….but I’m not sure about astral projection….
    Just don’t get hung up on it too much.
    Personally, I doubt it. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
    If it was true, it would have been proven after thousands of years of people claiming to actually do it.

  6. I think it’s possible. Most who say it’s not have never tried. Also I’ve never heard of you not being able to get back to your body in time, nor some other “being” taking over your body.

  7. I thought I did it once when I was high. But… I also thought I was a blueberry once, and I don’t think that was true, either.

  8. I have no idea, although I doubt it.
    Can I ask you, though, what’s the point of it?
    I don’t know if the following is a real story from the Buddha’s life or just a fictional one But in the story, somone gets tired of studying with the Buddha for awhile, quits and goes to study under some other religious mystic, and comes back in 5 years to see the Buddha again.
    “Welcome back,” the Buddha says; “what have you learned?”
    “Watch this,” the former disciple says. He goes down to the River Ganges and without missing a beat, walks all the way across the river by stepping on top of the waves, never getting his feet wet. Then he turns around and walks back.
    “Ta-da!” the former disciple says. “Do you teach any of your followers THAT?”
    “You fool,” the Buddha says gently. “You could have done exactly the same thing 5 years ago, if you had a few rupees in money to pay the boatman.”
    Your curiosity about astral projection is understandable.
    Hey, everybody wonders about miracles.
    But wouldn’t it be much more useful to know how to be happy in life, with or without astral projection?
    Wouldn’t it help you much more to know what kind of a career path you want to follow, and how to be successful in following it?
    If Astral Projection is real, even if it’s supernaturally caused, I think it’s a parlor trick. Both religion & atheism might teach you many things that are far more important than AP, if you want to learn.
    — a friendly agnostic


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