• It’s more that real people can see things behind walls or talk to other people.it’s like leaving your physical body and flying.
    I don’t think it’s a hallucination.
    A hallucination is if you see a lepracon in stead of a tree but if you see places that exist or see things in a different way without changing them it’s not a hallucination.

  • It is actually more real than the physical reality.

    Yes you can meet up people and talk about it the next day. It is hard to read something written on a piece of paper.

  • Charles Tart’s experimentation with “Miss Z” is an example of this:


    A big logistical problem with meeting up with others is finding sufficiently talented partners to ensure both are ‘out’ simultaneously. At the Monroe Institute (where they train a dozen people simultaneously) such verification is apparently commonplace – lots of personal accounts are out there if you look. Googling “partnered exploration” will also give you a few Bruce Moen hits of possible interest.

    It personally took me about 22 years to achieve this sort of validation. Though it sounds like a piece of cake, in practice it’s a bit like solving equations while you’re drowning, there’s an awful lot going on to distract you…

  • As far as I can tell it would be very simple to test under scientific conditions. In my opinion there would be a lot of scientists who would love to be the ones at the helm of this revolutionary discovery, as long as the results were conclusive. If it worked, I think we would know about it. If it can’t be proven we should really not worry about it, it’s just an halucination.

  • Its called lucid dreaming, you can’t separate your soul from your body as you don’t have a soul. If astral projection was “real” then the government would be spending millions of $$ to secure the services of a bunch of stoners.

    If you honestly believe that you have a soul can i have your brains?

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