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Is astral prjection real?

I have been doing a lot of research on Astral projection. I have tried to eat only vegetables, meditation, and all the AM with George Norie “coast to coast” stuff. I even went so far as try to use DMT a chemical that is secreted from your pineal gland when you dream to try and get some answers. But to no avail.
Just some info on my meditation, is that I cannot imagine being in a grass field visually in my mind. But I can make myself feel that I am in a grass field. So in the Astral projection directions when it says visualize something I am actually just feeling like I am.
I have had several lucid dreams where I tried to manipulate it into an astral projection but ultimately just woke up. Anyone know if there is any truth to astral projection.
I am not gullible, I am a scientist and my logic and reason tells me that there is no such thing. But I choose to prove to myself that there is nothing more out there.


  1. I’ve actually been to spiritual groups and have experienced this as I’ve arisen from sleep. And yes, the Astral world feels even more real than this one, amazingly.
    In a nutshell, when you ascend from sleep into the higher dimensions of the hyperspace, your mind is not being held down by the lower frequencies of the 4th dimension. The Astral Universe lies in the 5th dimension and transcends time.

  2. Yes it is very real. I have no idea who George Norie is. sorry. The method I use includes visualization but, I don’t don’t use imaginary places. I first started with seeing myself “floating” about 3 feet above me. There is a big difference between lucid dreaming and projection. there also a way to prove it once you get the “hang of it” I had my son who lives about a mile from me put a large piece of paper on his table that he had written on. I didn’t know what he wrote. That night I went to his house and seen what he had written. I called him the next day and told him what I had seen. He said I was correct.
    He wrote “your an idiot” lol


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