Home Discussion Forum Is anyone Telepathic? What do you think of Telepathy?

Is anyone Telepathic? What do you think of Telepathy?

Do you think we can have a mental connection with someone? are we all are telepathic? Do we all have the ability to feel other people’s thoughts around us or anywhere?
What about Love at first sight, is it possible that we can immediately or subconsciously have an exchange of thoughts with someone and instantly know we have a bond?
Can we influence others with our thoughts or be influenced by thoughts around us? Could we all be in one mind of thought?
What do you think?


  1. No there is no such thing as telepathy don’t confuse the hormonal surges of love and sex with the paranormal. If telepathy did exist it would work outside the field of sexual conquest and be apparent in other arenas like gambling

  2. I am certainly not in one mind of thought with some of the people on this forum.
    No, I don’t think there’s any such thing as telepathy, if there was don’t you think it would be tested and used by the military – what a useful tool it would be!
    And like that other dude /\ said, ‘love’ is a biological mechanism to ensure the continuation of the species.

  3. Yes ive had a very strong telepathic connection with someone..It does happen…When you connect with a special person youll be surprised at the things that happen, and telepathy is one of them..Its very real indeed..no doubt about it….

  4. I do believe that people do have that connectionin their minds between each other that keeps them linked together. I am not sure though that this means that people are telepathy. I do agree with you though that people can be influenced by other people’s thoughts and feelings.

  5. No test for true telepathy (mind to mind) exist. For instance I think of a red apple. Then you say “you are thinking of a red apple” I could then say “No I was thinking of a Black Horse”
    So, then one says OK right it down to confirm it and then you have opened up the possibility of the information being acquired from somewhere (the paper) other than the mind and it becomes a test for ESP.
    Rather than quoting you my beliefs endlessly like some skeptics (no one has demonstrated it) I have provided you links to the actual scientific research so you can decide for yourself.
    The more you know….

  6. I don’t believe in telepathy, but I don’t know everything in the world, so who cares what I believe?
    “Love at first sight” is a story book concept. In real life application it would more approprietly be entitles “Lust at this moment”
    We influence others thoughts and are influenced all the time. This does not require telepathy. It doesn’t even require telepathy to know what others are thinking. People who have been around each other for long periods of times start to think in linear fashions. My wife an I come up with the same thoughts at odd moments all the time.
    Why does this happen? Our minds make associations, which is how we store information and memories. If you are around someone for a long time, your minds start making the same associations. Therefore your minds will recall things in similar ways.
    This can happen to siblings, married couples, and best friends who hang around each other for years.

  7. I think telepathy does exist. A few people I know will say things just as I’m about to say it or visa-versa. I also know just before the telephone is about to ring. Although whether you would class this as telepathy or psychic I couldn’t say.
    Love at first sight, I think does exist. There are certain people you just like or have a bond with, that you don’t know fully why. Also people you don’t like, but can’t actually give any reasons why. You just have a feeling.

  8. I believe that as we spend time with people we get to know them better. I believe that spending a lot of time with someone creates common experiences. I believe having common experiences can cause two different people to have similar reactions to a particular situation.
    I do not believe there is any sort of connection outside of the common experience and familiariarity resulting in spending time with another person.

  9. i dont know……ive got a better question (but i still get 2 points for giving a question in the answer)
    How close must one be for telepathy to work?

  10. Anyone who has been ‘gifted’ will know that there are people you meet who you don’t need to physically speak to, you know their mood, even what they is on their mind at that time and it does not need to be a family member or a partner.
    Anyone who identifies with this then they know it is something more than intuition or an understanding of a personality.
    I think we are all linked mentally and sometimes we are able to ‘tune in’ to one another. We, as a whole, have just forgotten or lost the ability.

  11. Love at first sight can be lots of things. (1) Maybe the person looks like a movie star you like. (That’s why my mom married my dad) (2) Or makes you feel comfortable because they are like someone you already know (or at least you THINK they are like that person.). (3) Of course, some people would say that you knew them from another incarnation. (But that’s not very different from (2) actually.) The point is that the downside of “love at first sight” is that it might actually just put you right back into familiar old neurotic relationship patterns. So watch out. . .it’s not all good!
    When I was growing up, I didn’t know anybody who was telepathic. Then I moved far away, and I didn’t meet anybody there who was telepathic either. Evidently they all thought that believing in telepathy was “ignorant” or “backward.” In my new home I started having telepathic experiences, and as I talked about them, people started coming forward–both here and there–and telling about their own experiences. A well recognized therapist told me in the US nobody told her telepathic experiences, but that here they are common. I guess you can’t have what you don’t believe in!

  12. I have read somewhere many years ago that an estimated 12 to 15 per cent of the world’s population has some degree of psychic ability; that’s roughly 680 to 720 million people, though nowadays it could be more.
    Telepathy is of course real (don’t believe people who tell you it isn’t), and a lot of people experience it daily and not know it when they are close to other people– that is emotionally close to other people– and often know what the other person is going to say or was thinking about. But a small number of people *can* pick up the thoughts of others who are total strangers. these are true telepaths. Some can control it, some can’t.
    Almost anyone can receive a thougt sent by a telepath– one day I was thinking that the tall blonde in front of me on the bus looked great from the back but I bet she had a face like five miles of bad road. much to my surprise and embarrassment, she turned and glared at me with a look that could almost kill! BTW, she did have one ba looking face.
    That sort of thing doesn’t happen often with me, but it does with others. There are various kinds of telepathy such as touch telepathy and catalyst telepathy and others; there are also many different kinds of telepaths too. Some are better than others, some are worse.
    But love at first sight is seldom telepathy; just hormones. We see somebody who fits the image we all have of our “perfect” soul mate and sometimes that other person thinks we fit their ideal mate image. But that’s rare and such things usually don’t last cuz it’s just superficial. Real love takes time to develop and starts with friendship first or it’s doomed from the start.
    We always influence others, but psis– psychic people– do it on special layers and in ways that most “normal” people are unaware of. Sometimes it’s done unconsciously, sometimes deliberately. But most people can’t do the Jedi mind trick on the folks around them– which is a good thing, don’t you think? 😉


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