Home Discussion Forum IS anyone really psyhic that can help me???

IS anyone really psyhic that can help me???

I have a problem and i want to now if im crazy or not! Is there anyone really a psyhic that can help me??? Or someone who believes in shamanism. I know there are much more to learn then in books and want to learn more!! And having trobule with love life yet once again! (no insults and keep it serious please) Any help would be great thanks!!!!
This is what i believe in so dont knock it down! Also by the way im not a whiner i have an issue and if this is you way to make me feel worse your did it! Any my problem is im in love with a guy i cant stop thinking about!! Night and day!!!


  1. There is no such thing as psychics or shamens. Those who pretend to be pyschic are just doing a magic trick called cold or hot reading where they make a lot of guesses about you and you actually supply the answers.
    Go here to learn more before you lose money to some con artist: http://skepdic.com/coldread.html

  2. Yes, I am psychotic and I feel that you have a strong concern about a question in your life.
    Aside from that you are probably a chick because you are also a whiner!

  3. Maybe you are expect to much from your love life.
    As to the psychic stuff there are people that are truly psychic but I have never known the few that are genuine psychic tell someone how to live their life.
    As to being crazy, well I have it on good authority we are all a little touched in the head some to a greater of lesser extent than others.

  4. not a topic for an open forum like this. I think I can help you. I help people through an active listening style that helps them find the root causes of issues, then address them through a blend of behavior and practices rooted in shaman beliefs.


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