is anyone on here clairvoyant has anyone on her developed there six sense ?

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SO i took a quiz and it was on point about my personality! and it said that i was clairvoyant and strangely i always wonder how come i would always kinda know how to read ppl’s emotions and analyze things and im always paying close to life details and i never knew what it meant until now.. and of course now i feel like iam , i feel like i can attract anything i want especially small things however i wanna use it to full advantage..for positive things!!!

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‹^› (∙_∙) ‹^› fυcĸ yoυ

You are analytical, that does not make you clairvoyant.

Matt M

I can make people feel what I feel. What’s happening is when I have an emotion, I emmit the chi of that emotion and anyone around, even outside of my house, will get hit with that chi and thus feel what I’m feeling. I don’t really do it on purpose either, at least thats now how it started. When it started I didn’t know what chi was, so I researched my abilities. I can also cloudbust, and that’s one of the things I researched. I think everyone emits chi when they have feelings (emotions) just I do very strongly. My chi is what busts the clouds to (happy chi, I think). You might be very sensitive to chi. You might want to try emmiting chi strongly. My abilities started when I was in church. I was holding a candle and wanted to make the flame get higher with my mind, and I guess I did, since I know I can do that now anyway in addition to being able to make it shrink (depressed (sad) chi). So practice with a candle to see if you can emmit chi strongly. Or use anouther thing I found out about: a psi wheel, which I can also inluence (move). But, actually the easiest thing to do is cloud bust or cause smoke (say from a camp fire) to dissapate. Anouther thing my chi emmiting does is cause popping sounds to occur in objects around me. So if your noticing that, then your intuitive abilities (what I call this sort of) are allowing you to emmit chi strongly, so you can do that.

Maj Hewitt's Equestrian Acad

No, but I DO know how to spell “their”.


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