• I find that it helps to pay attention to what you are drawn to. Use your intuition. Personally, I find that Rose Quartz is a very loving and gentle stone. I also like Rainbow Moonstone and Red Jasper. Pay attention to how you feel when you wear each stone. Listen to your gut. I also find that it’s important to cleanse the stone upon receiving it (to rid it of any negative energy) and smudge it with sage smoke. There are different methods of cleansing (of which you can google). Once it is cleansed, use it during meditation. Visualize what it would feel like to enter the crystal. What does it look like, smell like, taste like? See if it resonates with you. Good luck! It can be great fun!

  • Everything has a vibrational energy. This is scientifically proven. Protons, neutrons, atoms, molecules — are all constantly in motion and changing their structure. However, the overall molecular bond that is greatest is what forms to make an object. (little high school science class for those that forgot!) In this case, crystals. Crystals are used for medicine like Lithium. Clear Quartz is used in electronics. If you are aware that all crystals have their own different healing properties, then you will become more aware and in tune if something “doesn’t work”. When a crystal is working, it becomes hot to the touch. Very hot. Depending upon the person and the objective of healing will depend upon how quickly the crystal gets hot. When doing a crystal layout on a person, I follow the colors of the chakras. Sometimes a crystal rolls off the patient, sometimes not. When it rolls off, it is done working or is not the right stone for the job or it doesn’t want to be placed there. Different crystals heal differently. A very excellent resource is a book called “Love Is In the Earth” by Melody. Sadly, there are no pictures, but it does give a very detailed description of the crystal, its medical and historical and vibrational and physical uses. If you will be doing crystal healings and working with stones, I highly recommend this book. Don’t do crystal healings without it!!!

    Good luck!

  • It’s total quackery I’m afraid, and any effect is placebo.

    Halema: so this is your explanation: “atoms in a solid vibrate, therefore putting crystals on someone cures their illness”

    Terrible and dangerous. But typical of a quack.

  • i use different shapes and kinds of crystals close to me while i’m sleeping, or to keep with me when i move around. if i’m trying to heal a cold, then i’d keep whatever kind with me on a necklace. if i’m trying to stop a lack of energy, i wear a small crystal while i run or extersize. depending on what i want done, i’ll use tons of different kinds, shapes, colours, thats why i didn’t specify. also, some of my friends tryed this, but we needed to find different ways to cure them.
    always experiment, don’t just do what works for others. before using, i always wash the crystal in cold water if it has a darker colour, in hot water if it has a light colour. i also find that animals and plants help crystal. for instance- i grow lavender with crystals in the soil, on the plants, and around the pot. crystals are in and around my fish tank, and close to my hamster cage too. good-luck.*-*

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