Is anyone in here a psychic or medium? I need some divine guidance & some questions answered.?

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I’m in a bad space right now & i dont know why i feel this way. Will things get better generally? Will i get far i my career? Will i marry the man i’m casually seeing?

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I knew you were going to ask that


I’m a medium but sometimes I wear a small to show off my assets


Psychics don’t exist, and I’m a large.


it always gets worse.

Yolanda C

You cant be dabbling in that stuff! God forbids it & you will only end up confused! Choose Jesus & ask the Holy Spirit to lead & guide you. God bless

Innocent Victim

Sorry, I’m an extra-extra large. As in tall, not fat.


well, its better than prayer… try flipping a coin.

Miss Zoe

You must focus on yourself more.
Have a more healthy diet.
Drink water, often.
No caffeine after 2pm.
Sleep more.
Do not worry about what the man thinks about you- of of future.
You can influence the present.
the future will take care of itself.


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