Is anyone here familiar with Naamah, Lilith, and the other succubi mentioned in the Kabalah?





I’m interested in myth and legend. So it’d be much appreciated if someone provided me with some stuff. I’d love to read them.


  1. I am only familiar with Lilith. As I understand, she was Adam’s first wife. She wasn’t very nice, so she was banned from paradise and enter Eve. I guess, in her bitterness, she likes to take the lives of babies. In fear of her, the lullaby came around. Lullaby supposedly means Lilith bye.

  2. It’s not very detailed in regards to what you are looking for, but it should at least give you some texts which you can Google down near the bottom within the bulleted section. Just Google the different texts from which I derived such information from. It should lead you to the knowledge you seek with a little bit of time and devotion.
    ~Best of wishes,
    Zane and Azaria
    P.S. I apologize if the overall topic of the article offends you. If so you may just find the bullet points and locate the titles of the documents and go from there, ignoring the rest of the article and site.

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