is anyone going through a spiritual awakening/crisis?

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Hey everyone
I have been going through a spiritual awakening. This all started in Jan 2007 and it started out great…I have been learning about myself and letting go of things I no longer needed in my life.
Now lately i have been going through a crisis, like an ego battle. I also feel i have been very anxious and having anxiety most of the time. I feel like i became over sensitive…
I would like to know if anyone is going through similar…Or have gone though it and can give me or others some relief.
Lets share experiences…
Thank You
Much Love to all

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we have to kill our flesh and allow god to work on us and in us

Evolve beyond your programming.

Yeah I woke up and became an atheist.
and now I am happier than ever


I’m 18 and going through the same thing. I’m not religious, but I’m definitely very spiritual. Lately I’ve been over-sensitive and I’ve been having a lot of anxiety about things that shouldn’t really matter, things that are out my my control. I think “ego-battle” is the perfect description. It happens to the best of us, but we’ll get through it. The best thing you can do right now is just remember whats important, and whats not. You’ll come out a wiser, smarter person.


I wish I had a magic Elixir but I think immersing your self in your church and getting more involved will help. As for me I’ve been going through it for a while as my brain seams to not let my heart see clearly.
God Bless
Good luck


Sometimes the best thing to do is let god have full control. Let go of worries and concerns. That is the meaning in truly believing in god and he will never steer you wrong believe me. My walk has been side ways and every time I would break down and let god take control everything come into place and no more worries!!!! God bless and good luck!


I think there is a reason for it.
I feel like this is going on with me too!!
I pray a lot and go to church now.
Think about it positively, you are becoming a better person!

June smiles

For about 50 years now.


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