Is anyone else having a hard time with their faith right now?

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Is anyone on here going through a spiritual “drought” or feel like they’re under “attack”? Is anyone falling away, or sinning more than usual? I am just wondering because I’ve heard from a few people that they have been struggling with sin and staying strong lately. I feel like I’m having a spiritual crisis. I hope it passes soon. 🙁

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м ι s т ι z α N e m e s i s

I went through that last year.
I feel great now knowing there is no such thing as God.
Call it evolution of the mind.
Put it this way, you are apparently breaking the rules because you belong to a group of God.
If you don’t belong to this group, you are not breaking any rules. Therefore, you are not sinning. =)
Freedom, in other words.


Pray to Jesus asking for more of His grace. Only His grace is what helps us, not our efforts.




Yes, I am having lots of trouble sowing to the things of the spirit instead of sowing to things of the flesh. I will share with you that right at that point in time, I think there is an incredible spiritual battle being fought, and much oppression is being waged against Christians.
Stand on His word, stay strong and remember Jesus said He would never let you fall.


Yeah I’ve totally been there before. But don’t worry, it WILL pass and you should be fine. First you go through a lot of anxiety and denial…I kept telling myself God HAS to be real. But then comes acceptance, that religion really is just a myth. And hey, look at the bright side – at least now there’s no burning in Hell to worry about 🙂

Bella C <3

that happened to me a couple of months ago. And then I realized that I had never really believed in God at all. It was sort of like when you found out as a kid there was no such thing as Santa. I was upset, and I grasped at straws for awhile, trying to make it make sense, but I knew deep down it was not real. And even though I wanted so badly for it to be real, it just wasn’t.
And now that I am being true to myself and accepting the truth, I feel much better. I know that its scary when you first start to question your faith, because you know that you CAN’T have those thoughts, you’re just not allowed to! Its wrong! God is going to be mad at you! But I came to the point where I realized that God would want me to question him, because that way I would come through with stronger faith. So I let myself look for answers and ask questions, and I realized that it just wasn’t real. And thats ok.
SO, my advice to you is to allow yourself to ask questions. It may really strengthen your faith in the end! So do it, read, ask, learn as much as you can, as much as you need to. I guarantee you that it will make things better for you either way.


I think we all go through ups and downs with our zest for God but my faith is the same. Sometimes we are on fire for God but at other times we tend to slow off a bit but that doesn’t change the facts of what you believe. Stay strong and you will be the better for going through trials.
God Bless

Brian K

You’ve got to go through the fire to get to heaven. Good luck, I wish you well. I’ll see you on the other side. Let me give you some tips for your journey to make it easier:
Read the whole Bible out loud, front to back, first to yourself, then to someone else. Do not skip around and read the whole Bible. When you get to the end read it again.
Prayer and meditation. Always pray and meditate a lot. Tell Jesus your secret sins and explain them to him in detail.


No, the complete opposite in fact. Just keep praying. Satan and his demons are having a large impact on this world at this time though.


God said that he gave the churches of the world to satan at the begging of the great tribulation. So if you are in a church, then you might be experiencing a lot of temptation or simple been exposed to false gospel.


The only faith you should have is faith in your self.
live your life with integrity. and your life will be ok.


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