• it’s in the same crate as feng shui, psychics, reiki and other new age nonsense, 20 yrs. from now they will think of another one

  • Reiki has nothing to do with crystals.
    Check out the library, or a local bookstore.
    Crystals are supposed to choose the person, so if one catches your eye, or you feel drawn to it, pick it up and see if it feels like you are supposed to take it home.
    There are sometimes flattened areas on the tip. Those are called “windows”, and a lot of people like to look inside and meditate.
    Crystals can be enjoyed around the house, as jewelry, art work, or nearly anyway you can think of.
    When a person gets a new gem of any sort, it is recommended to give it a bath in Epsom salt water for an entire night, and let it bathe in the sun the next day. This “clears” any energy in the stone.

  • IF you’re into all that, i HIGHLY suggest you read the Satanic Bible, it’s unlike anything you have ever read and besides its unlike anything you ever heard about satanism

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