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Is Anybody Else Watching Iconoclasts Mike Myers/Deepak Chopra On Artsworld?

I’m finding it thoroughly interesting and have always known that Mike Myers is a very deep thinker which goes hand in hand with his comedic talents and seeing these two philsophers ruminating is incredibly enjoyable.

For those who are watching this what is your perception?
On Sky Television Channel 267.
Even Stranger Than MJ: It was on Sky Channel 267


  • Free will. Choice. The power to pick a destiny. To break a habit. Oh, it all sounds so convincing, so clear-cut and so inarguable. Until, that is, we find ourselves swept away on a tide of change over which we have no control. Some impulses are compulsive. Some circumstances are overwhelming. Even the most zealous believers in the power of conscious determination, will sometimes become flotsam and jetsam on the ocean of inevitability. And that, as you are about to discover, is no bad thing.

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