Home Discussion Forum Is any sort of of magic, black magic at least?

Is any sort of of magic, black magic at least?

I’ve always wondered on the difference between black magic and the rituals christians celebrating during a church service, like drinking wine and eating the flesh of the savior


  1. These are paganistic practices as well. The “church” of today is no good. You think your worshipping God but hint hint, look carefully and something else is going on.

  2. Yes, it’s all magic and ritual.
    You can’t call it “black” magic, however. There is no such thing. Magic/prayer is energy and energy is neither good nor evil. It’s how you utilize the energy that determines if it’s positive or negative.
    The ritual of communion was originally a pagan ritual that Christianity incorporated in the new religion. None that participate would call it “black” in that they are connecting and honoring their deity.
    The assumption is a stretch, I’m afraid.


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