Is any one out there who is interested discussing teachings (sutta) of Lord Buddha?

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My friends, this is only for those who are interested in Dhamma. If you are interested in learning Dhamma, you are also warmly welcome. Discussion is a great way of learning and sharing of knowledge.

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The Buddha’s teachings are great!


budhism…is beautiful i have kuan yin (the femal budda) tattooed on my hip another religion that is beautiful is hinduism you should try to study that as well 🙂

Jayasri devi dasi

Lord Buddha came to trick the atheists in believing in Him who was a shaktyavesha avatar. an empowered incarnation;of God. Like Christ. Which he is not God directly but his Word was because it was coming from God. But Buddhas’ world where trickery. He said there is no God and no soul. Why? Because he was coming for those who didn’t believe in God. but because they follow his instructions they get to merge with Gods energy at the time of death. But that is not our eternal designation. It is not actually desired by God for us to do that. But HE allows it just as He allows us to come to this material world (only one fourth of the souls come here. Want more info go to harekrishnatemple.c Read Bhagavad Gita as it is By By Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada. Got beyond nirvana to person hood. The Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna. Save yourself billions of years in so called nirvana to eternal bliss with the person God. That is our actual position.

Anger eating demon

Sabbe Satta
Avera Hontu
Abyapaja Hontu
Anigha Hontu
Sukhi Attanam Pariharantu
Dukkha Muccantu
Yatha Laddha Sampattito Ma Vigacchantu Kammassaka.
From a Dhamma friend.
Just like to share some dhamma with you.
I have a Golden Retriever(bitch),she has been on ‘heat’ lately and we tried to prevent her from mating with stray dogs.All our effort failed.Last evening my wife and maid found her mating wtih a stray dog ,and they wanted to kill the male dog.I prevented them from killing it.
Why?Because I have four sons.It suddenly dawned on me that my children are like the stray dogs.What will happen when one day my children were to court somebody daughters and they behave like my wife and maid?Think about it ok?


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