Home Discussion Forum Is Anton Lavey in Hell right now?

Is Anton Lavey in Hell right now?

Anton Lavey, the founder of the First Chuch of Satan died back in the 90s. Do you think that he is in a place known as Hell? Would he be listening to heavy metal right now?


  1. Anton LaVey didn’t believe in hell. LaVeyan Satanism is a philosophy that uses Satan as a metaphor for people’s base instincts and desires. Satanists don’t actually worship Satan

  2. Yeah ‘hells’ theme music is metal… Nice generalization there since there are some people who play heavy metal who are christians they just dont play christian metal. And LaVey didnt believe in hell.

  3. I am neither acquainted with Mr. Lavey, nor the populace of Hell, so I cannot say with any certainty. I would imagine that if you were to search the phone directory for Hell, you might be better served. It is listed among the Michigan Directories.

  4. 1. No, he’s in a box in the ground.
    2. He was buried somewhere in SoCal, I believe.
    3. No, but I am. Requiem by Lamb of God.


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