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Is Anthropology / Natural Science is this the appropriate forum to discuss Human Consciousness?


  1. Well, the closet site may be philosophy, but that is just because there is not a neurology/cognitive science site. We understand little about conciseness yet, except it is instantiated in the brain and has evolutionary history.
    Just was looking at a program about the ” big bang ” in human cognition that happened about 60 to 100000 years ago. probable ties in with that phenomena emerging from cognitive activity.
    Anthropology is not a natural science, but a social science. You might find some coherent and educated response in biology. Incoherent response on psychology.

  2. Anthropology encompasses the study of our species from both natural science and social science in four divisions: physical anthropology, archeology, linguistics, and cultural anthropology or social anthropology. Understanding the evolutionary rise of humanity requires discussion of human consciousness, which is traditionally examined through the cultural institution of religion and philosophy and recently examined through physics, psychology and medical sciences. Renaissance thinking cross-overs between fields of objective inquiry are producing notable advancements in our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Am looking forward to whatever question about the human consciousness you may be intending to ask.

  3. yes… anthropology debates/investigates many aspects within this field..
    tabula rasa.. nature vs. nuture, history of thought/truth.. the list goes on….
    many anthropologists would have a rather broad knowledge base of this topic


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