Is angry meditation healthy?






Have you ever gotten to the point where you are pissed beyond belief? Well this happened to me earlier this week and i have been practicing zen and meditation. but one night i just wanted to bottle up my anger and let it fester for a little while. so i put on my ipod and listened to some angry music. instead of clearing my mind to emptiness i focus on the emotion of anger. but then when i was done i felt entirely better. So again i ask is it healthy?


  1. Yes, I ended up putting babies into a blender feet first (so you can see the expression on their faces!). Then serving them on tortilla chips.

  2. anger is just an illusion…love is the only thing that can make you better. if you are craving anger…you’re not stable.

  3. I don’t know but another alternative is to spend 30 minutes in the gym. A good workout will also take some of the anger away.

  4. Listening to the angry music served as a release, so it served it’s purpose. You calmed, centered, and felt better as a result. The point is not to avoid/deny the emotion. You recognized it and purged it.

  5. Buddhism says that if you practice anger, your anger will get stronger. If you practice long-kindness, your loving-kindness will get stronger.
    Listening to music takes you away from your reality. Generally meditation’s meant to bring you to focus on reality, not distract yourself away from it.
    Insight meditation is not about suppressing anger and not about grabbing on to it. You just look at it for what it is passively; when you realise the anger is there but is not attached to you in any way, it won’t harm you.

  6. It is healthy to avoid overloading our systems to the point one becomes irrational. In your case, the singer was doing it for you.
    People react differently when the “I can take it no more” arrives. It ranges from a cold shower, to shouting profanities (some of which he/she will be sorry later on if directed to a person), to dropping everything and going for a walk, yes, even in Winter.
    I had a manager at my job (jerk), who purposely used to piss people, so they could work faster (idiotic but true). Myself, I opt to go for a walk wisely trying to keep my mouth shut.

  7. If you are angry, you are angry…period. When I am angry I let the God of my understanding know it & help me through it. And that might take some time. I think that whatever works is good as long as it does not harm you or anyone else.
    My alternative to what you did, is that when I am really, really sad & hurt about something…which is seldom now…is to listen to sad, hurting country songs…of my generation. For some inexplicable reason it helps, then I go on about my business & my usual meditations.
    As I said…whatever works as long as it does not hurt you or anyone else. Blessings.

  8. Oh my goodness! You are a member of the human race . Able to feel emotion of which there is no good or evil. Your response to them is where evil comes in.
    That’s what meditation is all about, for me anyway. I don’t seek emptiness. I seek to review my day and the emotions I felt.Was there a better way to respond to the feelings. Should I have just let it go. Did i have to be angry? Did showing anger serve a purpose? Should I have done more in my compassion? Should I have shown more love than I did? Hate the action not the person.
    What I’m saying is reflect on how you could have controlled your emotions in a way that would benefit others. Seeking emptiness and revelation through clearing your mind puts you outside of this world. Be able to have a more positive effect through your emotions and peace will come.

  9. If I know my really good friend who happens to be a therapist as well as I think I know him, I’d think he’d say it was healthy form of release. I never thought of it as meditation though.
    I am sorry you even had that much anger that needed to be released.

  10. Power arises from anger. Notice how adrenaline rises when you’re angry. With adrenaline the human body can do amazing things like lift the side of the car, even for just a moment. Misplacing your anger by using it in harmful ways is no good. Using and channeling your anger can even help achieve a personal peace. Focusing on your anger can even eliminate the negative side effects. You can dismantle the feeling and put it back together to realize what it was that made you angry in the first place and if its worth being angry over. After that you’ve become at peace with yourself, situation, and gained strengths. Do not hide from any emotion. Embrace it and control it, do not suppress it.

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