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Is AMORC Rosicrucianism compatible with the esoteric golden dawn or will I have psychic attacks ??? plz help !

I don’t want one group “attacking” another group!!!
Somebody please help !!!!
I.E. I don’t want psychic attacks !!!!
i.e. you cannnot combine wicca with rosicrucianism <<>>I wanna grow as a amorc rosicrucian AND I wanna grow as an esoteric golden dawn member—>>>Is this possible people ???


  1. Oh, of course it is compatible. I don’t even know why you would worry about. To be honest, I have no idea what you are saying but still, try not to worry about things that you can’t control.

  2. Rose and Cross are supposedly the origin of the cypher manuscripts that the Golden Dawn use in their initiation and advancement rituals. There are however some conspiracy theories surrounding the origins of this text. Apparently the manuscripts were written by a German woman (I forget her name) who was the high priest of the rose and cross. She then gave these to the Golden Dawn’s heirophant where they became the basis of the initiation ritual. The supposed author seemed to vanish from the face of the earth after this however. The theory goes that the Golden Dawn wrote the manuscripts themselves, but used the name of the Rose and Cross to give the text gravity.
    As for your question about compatibility: the two groups are almost siblings. Also, they are not conflicting faiths – they are not faiths at all – they are fraternities.
    EDIT: I just read the link posted above and it goes along the same lines as what I’m saying here. The problem with groups like this is that they keep their business secret. Any info you find about them will be leaked or supposed. All these sites seem to have different stories to tell about the same subject. You have to read a few and then spot the common truths.
    EDIT: Half the people who achieve portal status within the Golden Dawn are or were at one time members of Rose and Cross.
    EDIT: you CAN combine Wicca with Golden dawn. Don’t know about Rose and Cross.

  3. According to what I’ve read in The Golden Dawn teachings and meditations, they are very compatible……actually, the Rose Cross is just a “smaller” variation of the one performed by the Golden Dawn. Yes – you can be a Rosicrucian in the Golden Dawn.

  4. Rosicrucianism is the way of mysticism and seeks understanding of the cosmic laws so that one might be able to live in harmony with these laws.
    Golden Dawn is based on will and seeks to manipulate the cosmic laws to further ones own interests.
    One of the first things all mystical traditions teach is the danger of ambition.
    Your goal to master both traditions is based on ambition on your part; to be more ‘spiritual’ than the other guy.
    You ambition will lead to your downfall.
    Mysticism and Magick are incompatible at the core; dare I say that Magick is incompatible with life itself, at least a life lived in harmony with The Cosmic.
    Don’t let ambition blind you, remember how Aleister Crowley came to his end?
    Remember that The Cosmic is bigger than all of us put together.
    Although It is true that early AMORC incorporated some elements of Magical practices, Ralph Lewis (son of AMORC founder Spencer Lewis) subsequently removed all Magical elements from the later teachings.
    For further reading on the alleged roots of AMORCian Rocicrucianism in Magick see http://user.cyberlink.ch/~koenig/sunrise/vanloo/ameng.htm


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