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Is All of life an "inside job"?

Ordinary life and Buddhahood have no distinction. Great knowledge is not different from ignorance. Why should one seek outwardly for a treasure, when the field of the body has its own bright jewel?
-Pao-chih, “The Nonduality of Buddhahood and Ordinary Life”
Peace and Love


  1. Yes, I think we are all that we need to be.
    Although external ‘hints’ can still be valuable, in the end, the answers lie within. Answers? Perhaps that should just be answer. For maybe once we have ‘the’ question, we ‘have’ it.
    ‘Even if there is perplexed or troubled thinking, it is not apart
    from the bright jewel. It is not a deed or thought produced by
    something that is not the bright jewel. Therefore, both coming and going in the Black Mountain’s Cave of Demons [that is, in
    delusions] are themselves nothing but the one bright jewel.’

  2. Master Pai-chang said,
    “After enlightenment one is still the same as one was before. One is simply free from unreality and delusion. The ordinary person’s mind is the same as the sage’s, because Original Mind is perfect and complete in itself. After you have had this recognition, please don’t lose it.”
    Peace to you.


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