Is Aleister Crowley the grandfather or George W. Bush JR? Supposedly Time Mag. had an article on it?

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I heard that Time Magazine printed an article about how Aleister Crowley is the supposed father of Barbara Bush. Is this True?

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Don't really care

Just google that name and find out if it’s true.


Hi John –
Though some folks might swear that GWB is the spawn of Satan himself, what you got there is an “Urban-Internet Legend”, at best.
I’m reasonably knowledgable on both genealogy and Crowley, so I know a bit about such things. But it is true, oddly enough, that President Bush and Senator John Kerry are related:
Also, GWB is not “Jr”. His dad is “George Herbert Walker Bush” and GWB is just “George Walker Bush”. But I think it would be correct to use “George Bush I or II” to make a distinction between the two.
At any rate, Time mag is online so if someone wants to provide you with a link to the article, I’d suggest you ask them to do so. You can also check out Time mag at your local library if someone can come up with a publication date,or number. Otherwise they’re just puling your leg a bit with a tall tale.
Hope that’s of interest!


Well if Time said it, it must be absolute BS.


Barbara Bush’s maiden name was Pierce. She is a direct descendant of President Franklin Pierce who served before the War Between the States. So, that would have been her father’s name. As for the naming of the two Presidents who are father and son, they are properly referred to as Bush the Elder and Bush the Younger.

Pənny Proud

I’ve heard from a couple of different sources that it is true…
And Bush’s family tree has more odd branches than his cousin Kerry. He’s also Cheney and Obama’s cousin:
Other than Bush and his father, Obama is related to four other prior POTUS’s.
Bloodlines and great wealth have always played an important role in positions of high power throughout history.


Not Time magazine, but there is a rumor that has been kicking around the Internet for awhile. Here is one example:

Dr. Zoom Zoom 3.0


Jeffry Ehsan

Thanks for sharing this post. More people will learn from this thing! – Global Resorts Network


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