Is age the only difference between a succubus and a cougar?

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Betty Sparkles

Succubus need far less sleep.

great white dope

a succubus is a demon and a cougar is an older woman


they are the same thing like
balls and rocky mountain oysters


I agree with the demon answer and add that cougars don’t necessarily choose to be. I can’t control the fact that I attract much younger men 😉


You do realize that a Succubus is a spirit & therefore dead, right?


I’d like to make the case for “no” by exploring the intent behind these two paradigms.
Succubi draw energy from men to sustain themselves, often until the victim becomes exhausted or dies. Therefore, the motivation behind a succubus is to use up the man and then toss his corpse aside, ever in search of the next victim. Kind of like Joan Rivers and fetuses.
Now, on the surface one might think that a cougar has similar intent, but that is not true. The cougar prowls for a victim of a younger age, because she wants him to be inexhaustible in the sack. She demands that he be willing and able to go for long periods of time. This is why they typically hunt for men who fall under the half-your-age-plus-seven rule.
To sum up my argument: 1) These are not mutually exclusive states (a succubus could be a cougar’s age), 2) The intent is what makes the two inherently different, and 3) The fact that they share the same prey does not make them the same — ie. Is a rhinoceros an elephant since they both feed on short grains?


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