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Is acupuncture based on the occult system of Taoism? That is, it is demonic healing?


  1. the occult system of Taoism?
    Taoism is older than Christianity, is it not?
    how unbelievably, incredibly uneducated……..

  2. Taoism isn’t occult. Acupuncture as I understand it is based on pressure points in one’s body. Actually I go to a reflexologist.

  3. I use acupressure on myself and friends. It works. Taoism is a religion and is not demonic nor occult-like in anyway. You should be ashamed for disparaging Taoists like that.

  4. This is an interesting question in which a lot of terms need to be defined.
    The word “occult” means “hidden,” and refers to knowledge that was hidden a) because bad men called Inquisitors would kill you if you knew it, or b) because of the normally distracted state of human consciousness.
    Taoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy that teaches us to be in harmony with the Way of all life. Since that Way is often hidden from us by our easily deceived minds, Taoism could be said to have occult qualities. However, Taoism as such has little to do with Western Christian ideas of demons and it would be a very large stretch of the imagination to call it “demonic.” I doubt that many Taoists were tortured in the Inquisition.
    Acupuncture is more properly called Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a form of medicine practiced in China for many thousands of years. It was influenced, over the years, by the various religions that achieved popularity in China, including Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism, just as Western medicine has been influenced by the philosophies of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. And just as Western medicine remains primarily a form of healing and not a religious system, so Traditional Chinese Medicine remains a form of healing. TCM is based in healing, not in any one religion or philosophy.
    Acupuncturists in the USA must obtain their degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from an accredited university in much the same way that practitioners of Western medicine do.
    So, the short answers to your questions are No, and No.

  5. Taoism deals with the flow of energy in the body and how much is used and kept in reserve so yes, it does sound like it is connected with acupuncture. But, I wouldn’t say acupuncture is occult. Furthermore, occult is not necessarily a synonym of demon.


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