Is achieving the 3rd eye conscious like astral projection?

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I just herd and looked what the 3rd eye was and it seems to be similar. Both have to do with astral planes of existence. What exactly is the difference, especially with 3rd eye?

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Third eye consciousness has to do with metaphysical awareness and introspection. Astral projection is more akin to metaphysical travel.

Jesus is my Gardener

You mean imaginary. Yes…they are exactly the same.


IDK but I suddenly find myself humming the theme from “The Twilight Zone”.


Yes. I suppose in mangled New Age jargon, this is all the same.
The 3rd eye refers to the ajna chakra of Tantric yogic lore. It means “commanding” and corresponds with the pituitary gland and the nasobasillary plexus. It is supposed to represent that aspect of the psyche that is intelligible and intuitive. I’ve heard people talking about “opening” their third eye or “projecting” out their third eye. Whatever. I worked with chakras for decades and I don’t go in for this kind of chatter. The chakra points correspond to a neurochemical loop in the brain that you prime when you meditate on the chakras in a certain way. One chakra is not more special than other. The pathway has be built as a whole.
Astral projection is caused by a usually benign seizure-like activity (that can be learned by healthy persons or else frequently occurs in the context of epilepsy and schizophrenia) that occurs often in the parietal lobe of the brain. A person feels disassociated from body and location and experiences themselves from perspective outside the body. Combined with trance states and lucid dreaming, some people use this as a technique for spiritual or occult experiences and learning.


The third eye is a term for a chokra of intuition. It represents a higher level level of awareness.
Astral projection is a practice to explore the astral plane in a semi-lucid state.


Hi Jilly,
The third eye is a higher level of awareness,and Astral Projection is when you leave your body,and travel to another place..Very interesting question Jilly..A Star headed your way..
Your Friend,


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