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Is a yellow stone appropriate for a promise ring?

It’s white gold, has a fairly large pillow cut Citrine stone, surrounded by tiny diamonds. My boyfriend and i both like it, but i am not sure if it qualifies for a “promise ring”


  1. dear, it doesnt matter if its made of 100 carat diamond! it can even be made of the rock from mars! its whats the meaning behind the stone. the promise, the dedication. if a stone doesnt have true meaning, its not even considered a stone. if your bf and you have faith and meaning in it, its all appropriate and qualifies!

  2. All of these people are right. It’s not something that needs to be a specific look or style. I’d argue that it doesn’t even need to be a ring. You could make it a necklace, a book, or anything that has sentimental value.
    If you like it, and you mean what you say, give it.

  3. There is no “traditional” promise ring, that’s the beauty of this. The rings can range from diamond to emerald, one of my friends has one with a sapphire. As long as you both feel that it symbolizes your bond for one another its a great choice.

  4. It’s the meaning behind it that counts. Even if it was a ring out of a quarter machine it should still have the same beauty and meaning. If you truely love the man you should accept it. Get of the material… It will get you no where. Cherish the bond behind it not the price tag

  5. As both you and your boyfriend like it why not? Any type of ring can be used as a promise ring.Citrine is the stone of balance and since it is the colour of the sun which is supposed to bring joy and contentment i would say it would be a perfect stone to have.Good luck with your happy future.


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