Is a Taoism type of Buddhism?

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You know how Mahayana and Theravada (not sure I spelled that right) are both different branches, the two main streams, of Buddhism, is Taoism also considered a branch?

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ManWell KMA

No, but some schools of Mahayana were influenced by Taoism.

Wood Uncut

No, Taoism is a separate religion / philosophy.
Though as ManWell indicates, the development of Chinese Zen (Ch’an) was much influenced by Taoist ideas.


No. Each group has learned things from the other. Taoism was native Chinese beliefs, codified by various famous Chinese writers such as Lao Tsu, known in the West for the Tao Te Ch’ing, and in China for the Tai shang gan ying pian xin zhu (太上感應編新註)
Buddhism started about the same time Lao Tsu lived, and spread to China.


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