Is a Tachyon just theory or do they exist?

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According to the present understanding of physics, tachyon particles cannot exist.


Tachyons have never been detected, and probably don’t exist. They’re just a hypothetical particle that can be used in thought experiments.
They aren’t actually incompatible with current theory, but the theory makes weird predictions about them.
If they existed, they shouldn’t be able to slow down to the speed of light. Also, they couldn’t be used to transfer information. Any information one attempted to encode in a tachyon signal couldn’t be retrieved.


Tachyon is not even a theory. It’s just a product of imagination by the science fiction writers.

Blue Sky

Not real – not accepted in the scientific world.

Dr. R

They are purely hypothetical solutions to the Lorentz Equations of Special Relativity corresponding to a particle with *imaginary* mass that travels faster than c. I’m not aware of any serious experimental efforts to look for them. They are popular in science fiction because they also travel backwards in time.


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