Home Discussion Forum Is a succubus a kind of vampire, or is it totally different?

Is a succubus a kind of vampire, or is it totally different?

Is a succubus a vampire, or a demon? Do they feed from energy or blood?


  1. according to demomological texts a succubus visits men in their sleep and steals their seed by appearing to be an attractive sexy woman in a dream, then they turn into an incubus and impregnate women in Thier sleep by having sex with them in their dreams too.

  2. Demon, if you believe in those things. She does not “feed”, she slowly destroys. Demons have no need for sustenance.

  3. First of demons are sexless, Which mean there is no such thing as a female succubus… That kind of creation came out of some writer mind he or she gave them a sex and had them attacking men…… where as the truth is that they attacked both male and female… And a vampire is a totally different type of demon…………………………….

  4. a succubus (as everyone else is saying) is a demon that takes the form of a beautiful woman that secudes men into having sexual intercoure with them i heard they really like the monks in particular but they’re willing to do almost any guy why??? because they practically live off of semen in order to survive the opposite would be an incubus pretty much the same thing only instead of a female demon doing a man its a male demon doing a woman but i have heard a couple of people say that they’re part demon and a little vampire but im pretty sure they’re just all demon and no vampire the only vampires are the ones that pretty much live a normal life just like everyone else only they’re a bit sensitive to sunlight, most aren’t big fans of daytime, their senses are amped way up (especially at nite), and they need blood to live in which case they would need a donor for that the vamps you see in hollywood are all fakes and either way vamps and demons are two totally different things only way to find out would be to meet a succubus or incubus :] have fun


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