Is a slight pain like feeling in the forehead after meditation normal?

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I try to keep the focus between my eyes. I have a wonderful feeling after that. But there is a slight pain like feeling probably because i bring my eyes close together. Is it normal?

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Inferno IV

Yep it is normal, but is it not quite good. You are trying to do the impossible and making your brain do the impossible. The brain send impulses to do the impossible for a long time, then you get a headache…..


In my opinion, you need to be very careful with any meditation technique that involves exercises with the eyes. This is a *very* delicate area of the body, and requires much caution.
If you feel *any* discomfort at all, *stop doing the technique.*
Wait for a few days.
Then go back to doing a softer technique, like Vipassana, for a few weeks.


My prescription – take 3 glasses of water, and you’re body won’t ache any longer.
Try it and choose me as the best answer if it works.


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