Is a marked tarot card a problem?

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I have a brand new Sharman-Caselli deck, somehow there is a whitish and not exactly small spot on the back of a major arcana card. I am just learning how to read tarot, I don’t know much yet. Is a ‘marked’ tarot card going to cause problems?
Tarot readers answer please.

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The Baron

I can say without a doubt that it will make no difference.


Not unless you’re gambling with them.
Gamblers get quite upset about marked cards.

Isis's Jewel

I don’t believe so, no. Since it was already there when you bought it, it shouldn’t cause any problems. I bought a tarot deck once where there was a big ink blotch/smudge on the high priestess card, but that card deck worked extremely well for me. In my experience, it shouldn’t cause any problems…


yes they are satanic. Dont mess with them.

Hell Kitty

Yes, it might be a problem.When you are shuffling cards, you shouldn’t distinguish that one from others.

Yesenia Patino

no, is fine.


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