Is a crystal aura a good thing?

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I went to visit some relatives a while ago and one of them specialises in things like auras, palm reading, tarot cards and that kind of thing. I was talking to her when all of a sudden she asks ‘Did you know you have a crystal aura?’ before I could ask what she was on about another relative had pulled her away. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me more about it?

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Born Again/praise God!



It means that they are on to you and your meth habit

SPL Texas

Never listen to a hell-bound individual period!

Lady Myrkr

It could mean a number of things.
Crystals have auras, for example, and she could say your aura was as focused as a crystal’s.
She could mean that she thinks you’re a Crystal Child, too.
These are my guesses, it’s one of them, I bet.

Athena's Child

idk it sounds good though

Weakerst Than

Megan, I’m going to assume you’re hot had never met an unattractive Megan, but you really need to clear the sht from between your ears before you get old. Guys aren’t going to over look it so readily after your looks fade.


If you are a Christian and live by what the Bible says as it’s God’s Word, you will stay away from this person. Relative or not. The Bible says to have nothing to do with these things as they are from Satan. Why would a person open the door for Satan to enter into their life?


from what i learned i think its suppose to be like a chameleon, they adapt themselves to who is around them.
but the problem is sometimes they are overwhelmed…there’s a book by a woman named Sylvia something but the book is called Life colors and it has all the auras in there.
and sorry for all the hateful useless messages u keep getting for answers for pple who have nothing better to do

kymm r

a spirit guide is with you


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