Is a cracked crystal pyramid considered inauspicious?

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I was asked to do affirmations with a rose quartz pyramid as it gives harmony to relationships, so i bought it 3 days back but also noticed as I came back home that on one side it has a long crack …. I’m not sure if I must continue using it or is it considered inauspicious? can anyone guide, anyone whose aware of crystal healing, or energy generations, or similar stuff….lemme know.

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Go ahead and use it.
It won’t make any difference anyway.


no , broken things arent auspicious for home its just against the rules of VAASTU……


oh dear, i can see you have posted your question in the wrong category. most scientists will only laugh at this question.
i don’t normally visit this category, i just saw your question by chance.
i think all crystals will have imperfections in the appearance. but if you are unhappy with the appearance of this one, then just take it back and ask them to allow you to replace it with one that you feel more comfortable with. maybe you can offer to pay a few extra dollars – for one that you really like?


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