• No, no, no. It was not based on any true facts or events of any kind.
    I don’t know if you have ever visited Maryland. But you can’t get lost in Maryland woods. Which is where the story took place.
    The story was a clever story and recording, by a college drama class. It was a class project that spent $50,000 in the making and made millions of dollars. It was and still is one of the most successful movies ever made on such a low budget. It finally grossed close to $300 million.

  • i live in the area, there are stories and myths surrounding the area, there was a book that had the basic legend in, cant find it as i have all books packed away but the movie is fake, none of that is true but some of the legend is.

  • I live near where the Blair Witch origionates from, there is “stories” about the Blair Witch, and some people from the area go looking for her. The Blair Witch Project which is a movie is just that, a made up movie. I have gone looking for the Blair Witch but never saw her or anything else.

  • Not at all. Think, film would not survive a winter in Maryland. It was just ‘clever’ marketing and advertisement. For those who don’t believe it is fiction all you have to do is sit through the closing credits of the movie. I went to see it in the theater when it was first released with two of my daughters. They wanted to leave (like everyone else) as soon as the movie ended. I insisted that we wait and read the closing credits and disclaimers. It is a work of fiction, totally!


  • It is completely fictional. It is not based on any real events whatsoever.
    Everything from beging to end was their own idea, and has no basis on any real event.

  • no the blair witch is not true at all. when they were marketing the movie they tried to generate interest by making it seem like it was a true story. they even had books about it and there was a special on the sci fi channel. hope i helped

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