Is 30min cardio 5-7 x a week, strength training & yoga 2 x week enough to lose weight and tone muscle?

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I’m trying to start a good workout program that I can stick with. I have a jump rope, a bicycle, and cardio dance for cardio workouts that I was going to alternate throughout the week. Plus, I have those elastic bands (never used, granted) that I have a video for to do strength/resistance training, and I was planning to do yoga and/or pilates twice a week… and I really want to know if this is a great exercise program to help lose the weight and tone muscle. Thanks!

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I would say YES…..just remember to burn more calories than you take in.

robert r

the only program that works is the one that is being used good intentions in your head equals flabby skin, weak muscles and an overriding desire to watch television, your call.


All that exercise sound great to keep you body healthy and you’re muscles will definitely get more tone but the ONLY way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in. It’s a pretty simple concept so keep up the workout and watch what you eat.


I would say yes! And I applaud your efforts. Burn more calories than you take in is good advise also, and try to stay away from Trans fats.


yes, this is great. as long as u burn more calories than u take in, u should lose weight and tone up. also remember to eat lots of protien.


sounds like a winner..
the hardest part is sticking with it.


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