Intuition/spirituality Power of mind and people who try to steal energy? (for spiritual/intuitive ppl only)?






serious question for big believers in spirituality, power of the mind, and are emotionally and intuitevely “in tune” with themselves and those around them.
I’ve experienced this “energy stealing” when girls attempt to provoke a sexual feeling in a man. Then the main may feel sexual and without being aware of it, the girl will intuitively image and actually “do” take a guys sexual energy. When this happens the guy will noticeably feel tired. Both guys and girls do this. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I honestly feel that women are more sensitive and prone to attempting to do this to men who they feel they can take advantage of. More so women than men.
One time a girl attempted to do this while me and another guy were in the computer room at my schools library. She sent out a sexual vibe to get one of us, or both of us, to interact with her emotionally or “vibe” with her for a pleasurable sensation……but me and the other guy sensed her ill intentions and we both started caughing to que her to quit. Then she left the room. This girl is really annoying and is always trying to put out emotional vibes to test her emotional charisma abilities. etc.
I’m unsure of how it works, I’m only mildly capable of sensing when other girls do it. I get very defensive if I imagine someone else is attempting to influence my heart chakra or energy center or something.


  1. As a psychic myself ; I am very sensitive to any KIND of vibes ; but you have to get a control over your connections with the spiritual world ; so this way it will not drain your sexual and emotional energy

  2. yes, we have evolved into this type of creature. part of it is the mating dance. part of magic is energy. part of subtle energy is sexual energy. to control this is to be very powerful. but this energy is the root of all earthly existence. it is everywhere. the higher the species the more they are aware of it and its control. Buddhists know all about it. they always try to reserve this energy. women and men like to play games with this energy to make themselves feel better. everyone wants to be wanted. most don’t even see it as deep as you.

  3. you should understand that there is not one formula for all people – you should consider your intentions – with the wrong intentions you will fail and lose much energy – but with patience and acceptance and humbleness – the universe will teach you true meaning for this ability – I learned today that I lose very much energy when I look at women in stores or the mall or anywhere – women can absorb lustful energy from strangers – is important to keep your energy within yourself and do not let it escape though your eyes

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