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Interested to hear peoples opinions on how best to control your mind, and/or get the best out of it?

Over the last few years I have looked at many different methods of developing inner peace, and mind contol(meditation, tai chi, mantras, proverbs, ancient knowledge, religion etc). One of the best ways I have found, is the importance of managing internal stimuli ie negative thoughts, intrusive thoughts, feelings and emotions. One of the methods is simply-meditation style-ignoring these games of the mind ie not energising. Trying not to think internally ie keeping focussed on whats around you etc, rather than focused internally/on self. Any thoughts on this? Is it best to simply not think about self, and let the brain/mind do its thing? Almost a paradox-to get the best from the mind requires stopping your thoughts? Big topic I know, any thoughts on this subject(s) would be appreciated and read with interest. Many thanks.


  • Krishnamurti has written about this problem. His way to have peace in mind sounds simple but is actually relatively difficult: you have not to think about your meditation, not to focus on it, but only let it come. I do not know how this was possible – he knew, of course, Asian meditation methods but doesn’t apply them in their original form.

    I guess that Krishnamurti’s method is really applicable but it needs very much training: you have to forget what you are doing!

  • Controlling of the mind and higher levels are reached only through the breath meditation.

    At the beginning you will find that you cannot concentrate on the breath as other thoughts come in. If you sit down and close your eyes you will notice that your mind is jumping from one thought to another. Even though you want to concentrate on your breath you will find other thoughts also coming in between.

    To calm and control your mind you must follow every thought that comes into you mind. You must be like a Manager of a Hotel who stands at the entrance and observes the customers coming in. Without getting attached to the thoughts try to observe them. You will find that a thought comes in and that it goes nowhere and another thought follows it – try following that too – with same results. This way you will find that your thoughts gradually subside. Do not try to force out your thoughts.

    Thereafter you must start concentrating on your breath. Notice the breath coming in and going out. You should not concentrate only on the tip of your nose. Notice the breath coming in and thereafter your lungs getting filled and then gradually exhaling the breath. You will reach a stage where the mind takes over the breathing and you will not physically feel the breathing. It will be more like ‘happy breathing’.

  • Interesting thought, will give it a whirl, sounds a bit like chilling out, I find that happens a lot when I am practising tai chi – I THINK it was Confuseus that said the brain/mind is like a glass of muddy water – when active, view is distorted and poor. When still, vision clears, problems solved. (some thing like that!)

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Big topic as you said and a big question too.

    Not in terms of length but in terms of the answer which one will have to look forward to.

    I would like to be brief on the topic.

    I believe it depends on ones attitude and perception of life. The deeds a man commit, are the reflection of attitude towards life.

    Therefore it is all in your mind. If you can controle it positively, you can have peace of mind, at least you will not be having any guilty feeling.

    A man is a victim of circumstances, therefore prone to fall prey to turbulent times. Therefore one has to keep his attitude positive.


    As for inner peace , it is not always inside. Some times it can be sensed from outside.

    A social worker finds peace in serving the people.And a saint, in meditation.Its upto you as to which way you wish to choose.

    If you choose to give peace of mind to others, no matter you get it or not, you will be happy and satisfied. On the other hand if you prefer to YOUR peace of mind only, you can get it by the means which you have mentioned, but not neccessarily with happiness and satisfaction.

    Again one has to decide what is his pupose of life. To get inner peace or to gain satisfaction, happiness, material world etc etc ?

    Mind is one place where thoughts come into being and they start flowing like a river. Hence to keep my answer brief [??] I would like to conclude that I dont know whether I have contributed to your thoughts.

    If not ignore me please.

  • i think praying helps clear my mind & gives me more peace.
    i do meditate sometimes,not that much though. 🙂

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