Interested in Aleister Crowley and his teachings?

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From what little I do know about him, he seems like a highly intriguing (to say the least) person. What is the best book(s) to start reading in order to learn more about him?

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about what?


Another gullible dummy getting tangled in magic for the sake of a fashion trend.
There are three things you need to know about his beliefs
1 lucifer is god
2 absence of morality
3 do what thou wilt
he teaches the same esoteric bs that Helena Blavatsky and Alice Ann Bailey teach, that we are gods blah blah blah. They’re all morons and think contacting demons is a form of enlightenment
watch the movie ” Aquarius the age of evil”

Dux Bellorum

Crowley didn’t believe in the Christian god Or their devil. He wasn’t a satanist get your facts right before you post. Don’t spout the words of others it’s the hight of ignorance. Read research learn and for the sake of your higher self take the blinders off and open your mind to Sophia.

David H for Autism Awareness

While I do not endorse the man or any of his teachings, I do believe in the free dissemination of information, so here is a good place to start:
It has quite a number of links to other sources.


Magick Without Tears

Gonz Carbola

Try They have online many of Crowley’s writings. You could read his autobiography ” The Confessions of Aleister Crowley” or try one of the many autobiographies about him such as “Perdurabo” by Kaczynski . Googling Aleister Crowley will give you a list of sites about Crowley.
Yes crowley was an anti christian, but all right minded people are. The old religions are slavery, and are satanic. Don’t let them fool you into thinking otherwise. Think about all of the wars on this planet and who is responsible. It wasn’t the satanist marching to Iraq and calling those opposed “terrorists” and “anti american” was it? Nope it was the Christians. To which I say “Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos!”

Kira (JPA)

magick in theory and practice by Aleister Crowley.
also, read his autobiography.


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