Home Discussion Forum Intellectual Spirituality. Can the intellect ever come to complete sapient wisdom (awakening)?

Intellectual Spirituality. Can the intellect ever come to complete sapient wisdom (awakening)?

Where does intellect become useless? What, really, are scriptures good for?
“Buddhism keeps in view the fact that even good things such as its liberative techniques and spiritual guides can become obstacles to the Path when they are objects of attachment…… Seeing his contemporaries indulging in verbalism with the “public cases” (a master’s questions for guaging spiritual awakening) , memorizing “right answers”, Ta Hui went so far as to stop the circulation of the commentaries on the questions.”
from SWAMPLAND FLOWERS, Letters and Lectures of Zen master Ta Hui, b. 1088 CE, China.
Yeahhh, sorry I seem to forget to ask: “What do you think about this? What is your experience with something like this? Ever heard anything like this before?”


  1. No.
    “come to” implies evolution: becoming something over time.
    Wisdom is perception free from “knowledge”, a perception untainted by the past.
    Knowledge is the tracks made by the brain, the record of past events and the associations made between them.
    Knowledge is always an imitation of actuality using associations. A film or TV program or book is not the actual which occurred.
    Wisdom is timeless. Everything the brain does to reach for it, is corrupting it.
    When you read this, be happy with the answer, do not ever think about it again!
    You are not wise, you can not become wise. Any further inquiry you make from here is continuing the delusion.
    Remember: where you are, wisdom is not.

  2. Memorization does not equal understanding. Consider your eighth grade civics class. Do you think you could still pass the final exam? Most can’t, because they memorized the information rather than actually learning it.


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