Inner Smile Guided Meditation

The “Inner Smile Meditation” is an effortless and pleasurable meditation that can be practiced on daily basis. The Inner Smile Guided Meditation is also a portal to experience the oneness of existence the connectivity between things. This meditation is not just limited to lips or face, it will transform your entire being beyond that superficial level.

Practice this meditation at the very start of the day. Club it with deep breaths to make it radiate into an “inner smile”. After couple of days practicing this technique of “Inner Smile Meditation”, you will notice positive changes in your working day and how you constructively deal with the various states of the emotions during the day.

Love & Light..

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A fantastic way to call back Spirit energy, after a stressful day! Also a most wonderful hug for your body, mind and soul!


Very good. She has calm voice.I wish she would talk
or guide just a little bit more often.


weird part of you tube again >.>


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